VLN 06-2019: Zimmermann Porsche Cayman S braved the weather

Extremely unstable weather conditions at the sixth VLN race

Zimmermann-Porsche Cayman S took a superb podium finish in its class at the "42nd RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen". Team principal Mattias Holle: "The team showed an amazing and strong performance. Despite the circumstances, the car got easily into the rating."

The race day in the Eifel was marked by extreme contrary weather. During training in the morning, it rained continuously. After the start of the race, the rain stopped, and the track dried up. But then shortly after half of the race the rain started again and at the end it was pouring.

The Zimmermann-Porsche Cayman S in class V6 was piloted as usual by the trio Wolfgang Weber/Alex Fielenbach/Roberto Falcon: This time the team received support from Bentley factory pilot Andy Soucek (Spain), who wanted to extend his Nordschleifen-Permit. Due to the rain within the training, the team completed the mandatory laps for the riders only. In the end, the Zimmermann-Cayman came in second in the class.

In the race, the V6-Cayman was in the top group from the beginning and fought for the class victory. But a late pit stop, when it started to rain again, cost valuable time and prevented another success this season. Team leader Matthias Holle: "Unfortunately, we were a little unlucky with the timing of our last pit stop. We lost all our chances of another victory."