TEILEn e.V. supports road safety

Charity gala supports road safety education

Uli Wohlgemuth is advisor of TEILEN e.V., the well-known industry initiative, which is also supported by Zimmermann. The initiative stands for the protection of children in road traffic. In his function as an advisor Wohlgemuth is always active and creative when recruiting donations. This was recently the case during the COPARTS Profi Service Days on 16th and 17th November 2019 in the Frankfurt exhibition
hall 3. 

The highlight of the event was the auction of a highly attractive Harley Davidson of the COPARTS own brand CAR 1. The highest bidder will be allowed to get into the saddle of this coveted machine. In addition, executive board, advisor and all members of TEILEn e.V. may be pleased because the donation result of altogether 27,000 Euro makes the realization possible of an as important as attractive project.

With these 27,000 Euros it is possible to finance five trailers full of didactic material for the road safety of children. These materials will enable police officers, teachers and educators to teach children the rules of the road. In addition, Uli Wohlgemuth and GAS Managing Director Brodhage make this good thing even better. Both COPARTS and Group Auto Services (GAS) will provide another trailer. Seven of them will roll through Germany as a roadshow for more road safety for children.