Zimmermann supports TEILEn e.V.

Launch of the new SAFETY project!

The safety project of TEILEn e.V. in cooperation with garages of the automotive wholesaler CARAT and COPARTS is starting operations this August.

In Germany, 30.000 children meet with an accident every year. TEILEn e.V. and Kinder-Unfallhilfe’s main purpose is to reduce accident victims. Especially at the beginning of the new year in school, many children hit the road, some of them for their first time. That’s where this project intervenes.

The garages of ad-AUTO DIENST, PROFISERVICE WERKSTATT as well as the one’s of AUTOEXCELLENT are ready for kick-off this week. According to the daily experience of the associations of technical inspection, every fourth car has safety deficiency. Car drivers who care for their own safety and mainly the one of children get called by advertising media to do a safety prevention maintenance. In addition all participants can win a lottery ticket of AKTIONMENSCH with the chance for 500.000 Euros. Furthermore owner of this lottery ticket support indirectly all charity events done by AKTIONMENSCH.

As a result several thousand lottery tickets will be shared with car drivers. On top of that, this activity advises many adults of the need for maintenance and respect for all road users. Safety and mindfulness – two aspects brought together by this project.