Black:Z Brake Discs

The Zimmermann brake disc Black Z was developed with the experience of Standard brake discs combined with the expertise of using them on the race track, especially in the VLN. 

The design of the grooves is patent protected. The grooves are not only to offer an optimal alternative to cross-drilled discs Sport Z. The brake performance meets the high demands of racing and can now also be experienced in road operation. 

As with all Zimmermann discs, only highest cast qualities are used. 

A successful development, as the racing team from the VLN confirmed: "This disc is really awesome!"

These discs are tested for road traffic as well as suitable for use on the race track.

Your advantages:

  • Faster brake response due to optimized expulsion of water
  • Better wet braking performance
  • Utility patent protected groove pattern ensures optimum heat dissipation and thus improved braking power
  • Prevention of brake fade
  • Cooler appearance
  • Better visual appearance thanks to anti-corrosion protection Coat Z+
  • Better grip and faster brake response as the brake pads are regularly scarfed
  • 1:1 exchange of original disc possible
  • Not subject to registration if ECE R90 homologated (Approvals in process)

Black Z: Neuteil     Black Z: eingefahrener Zustand

Black Z: new disc                                 Black Z: after braking

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