Trackday in Hockenheim

Fun on the Racetrack

Zimmermann in cooperation with Mathol Racing organized Trackday on the racetrack of Hockenheim.

In great late summer weather, around 50 Zimmermann employees came to Hockenheim this time. Partner Mathol Racing brought three race cars - 3 Porsche Cayman - and three fast road vehicles - 2 Porsche GT3 RS and 1 new Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport - for taxi rides in the pit lane of the traditional Baden circuit.

The employees had two rides on the program each. They should get the chance to experience, once in a racing car, how motorsport feels in reality.

Requirements on the racetrack to driver, co-driver and the material are completely different than in normal road use. For the employees it was exciting to experience what a brake disc has to endure. So everyone could understand the high quality requirements of these security products at the end of the day.

A successful day, the employees were impressed. The taxi rides provided general enthusiasm.

In the context of the event also the highly anticipated first rollout of the new Zimmermann Cayman 718 took place. A new star for the upcoming VLN season. Driver Erik Braun was very satisfied after the first few meters in Hockenheim: "It was a pure functional test, but the Cayman went well from the start and has already indicated his great potential. However, there is still some work to do. Because there are still a few teething troubles that we still have to eliminate. "