Test in the „Green Hell": Zimmermann brake pads

Otto Zimmermann GmbH has been manufacturing high-quality automotive components for the spare parts market for 60 years. The company produces its products on state-of-the-art production lines that guarantee consistently high quality.

The German manufacturer has been known for decades for the high quality brake discs due to precise manufacturing - Made in Germany. The know-how is based not only on many years of expertise but also on the proximity to motor sports. The experience gained in racing is of course used for continuous product development at Zimmermann, so that the high quality requirements of the Sinsheim based company can be continually expanded.

In April 2019, Zimmermann's own developments for race performance brake pads were tested at the Nürburgring for the first time. The cooperation with the racing team benefits the Zimmermann specialists as well as the drivers and technicians. The test days at the Nürburgring presented Zimmermann products with great challenges and provide new input in development. After all, the objective is to be successful with Zimmermann parts in the 24-hour race. The first victories in the VLN season can already be claimed by the brake pads.

For the Zimmermann pads an own racing recipe was developed. The rubbers were developed with the aim of offering optimum friction properties. A stable coefficient of friction both in long-distance use and in a wide brake temperature range is just as important as very good braking performance.

The specifications of very low brake disc wear and low brake pad wear could also be met, so that in the future it will be possible changes on the brake in the 24-hour race with only a few changes. The racing team and the drivers are enthusiastic about the development results. The brake specialists not only want to show what is possible, but also test their own products under extreme conditions. The BlackZ disc has been used in the 24-hour race for several years now. Driver and racing team are highly satisfied.

Of course, these high quality requirements also serve as a benchmark for brake pad development. Zimmermann has been supplying brake pads of OE comparable quality for more than 10 years. Not only small series are manufactured in our own brake pad production in Sinsheim. The product and quality parameters for all Zimmermann brake pads are also defined and monitored there.