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VLN: Second Run - Second Victory!

Second Victory for Zimmermann Porsche. 

The success story of the Zimmermann Porsche Cayman S in the VLN Endurance Championship at Nürburgring continues. Also in the second run, the 41. DMV 4-hour race, the Cayman S won the class V6 and also the rating group of VLN production cars. The pilots Claudius Karch and Ivan Jacoma had to fight hard until the finish: only 33 seconds lead to the competitors after the race. 

Weather did not show its best side at Nürburgring. The team started in the first practice rounds with wets, but soon switched to slicks as the track dried more quickly than expected. Nevertheless, there were difficult conditions. "We played safe and have not given 100 percent," said Karch after training. With a lap time of 9.16051 minutes the team started at number 72 in the overall ranking and second in the class.

Shortly before the start of the race it was raining again. First, almost the entire field of 182 cars started on wets. But the track dried quickly, after the first round the changing of tires already has begun. Karch came in directly after the first round, in order to convert to slicks. He then fought a tough duel with the Porsche 911 of Tveten / Fübrich. The conditions were more than difficult according to Karch: "That was the hardest race I've ever driven: frequent double yellow, accidents and dirt on the track, that was really tough! "

Jacoma took over and retained the lead position. At end of the race it was again really tricky, because heavy rain started. Driving with slicks on wet roads was an extreme risk for the pilots. But Karch / Jacoma made it without error to the finish and celebrated the second victory this year. Team manager Matthias Holle: "The car has run without any problems, pit crew and drivers did a super job. I hope it goes on like this."