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VLN: Great Season for Zimmermann-Porsche

Again at the Top in the last Race

The first VLN season of Zimmermann-Cayman is now successfully completed. In the tenth and final round of the Endurance Championship at Nürburgring Claudius Karch and Ivan Jacoma were on the top of the podium for the sixth time this year in the V6 class.

The last race of the year required especially patience from all involveld parties. Dense fog in the Grand Prix track made the start of qualifying impossible at 8:30. Just two hours and 40 minutes later the qualifying could begin in still thick pea-soup fog. "The view was okay, but such a delay is annoying, of course," said team manager Matthias Holle. Because of the late start of the qualifying the race had to be postponed and also cut earlier.

But the crew of the Zimmermann-Cayman made the best out of the situation and easily won the qualifying. From the start on, Claudius Karch had to defend against a strong Porsche 991. Ten laps it was bumper to bumper on the approximately 25 kilometer route. And even in the box the fight went mercilessly on. Both pit crews worked under highest pressure and sent the cars with absolutely identical holding time back to the race. But the fair and exciting battle was abruptly ended when the opposing Porsche crashed into the guardrail. "We hope that the driver is doing fine. It was very pity because the struggle has made a lot fun not only to the pilots, but also to the team in the pit. Great thanks to the team of Aesthetic Racing for this fascinating fight", praised the team boss.

By the premature end of this duel Karch and Jacoma could take out a bit of steam. Shortly before the scheduled end of the race the organizers interrupted the race with the red flag because the fog became dense again. Finally the Zimmermann-Porsche was the first to cross the finish line.

Generally, a season with six class wins and three losses. "That's a really great result. Without the three failures we would also be able to fight for an overall victory ", Matthias Holle stated. We are already looking forward to the next season with the Zimmermann Porsche in the Mathol Team!