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First Race in VLN - Great Saison Opener

Perfect start of the VLN season 2016 at the Nürburgring for the Zimmermann-Porsche Cayman S. At the first race the car with Claudius Karch and Ivan Jacoma at the wheel clearly won in class V6 and was even successful in the rating group of VLN production cars. Team manager Matthias Holle: "It was the expected good presentation. The car ran without problems, the drivers made no mistakes and we won."

Already in training the driver duo Karch / Jacoma had indicated the great performance of the Zimmermann-Porsche. At the start of training, it was still quite cold, so the drivers had difficulties to get the tires on temperature. But with the rapidly improving conditions, the lap times got faster. At the end Karch / Jacoma had the lead. With a time of 9.05.067 minutes they reached the sovereign pole position in class.

Until the start of the 4-hour race, the sun had prevailed in the Eifel. After a successful start Karch immediately passed ten cars and so the Zimmermann-Porsche went straight ahead. Subsequently Karch defended the top position against a strong emerging Porsche 991. Karch: "That was fun. I still had enough buffers to keep my competitor under control at any time. "

At mid-race the main competitor had to throw the towel because of a technical defect. After that the victory of the Zimmermann-Cayman was a mere formality. Team boss Holle: "As the Porsche was gone, we have given instructions to slow down a little bit. We don´t want to take any risk and played it safe."

After four hours the Mathol car crossed as a sovereign class winner the finish line. Holle: "It was an excellent start of the season with a great success. We would appreciate to continue that way."

Therefore, the team is optimistic for the second VLN race (30th April). Holle: "The package is perfect. If we don´t make any mistakes, a successful season is possible. "