Coat Z również dla bębnów hamulcowych

Appearance is everything.

To prevent rust during storage and use, Otto Zimmermann GmbH gradually expanded its product range to include coated brake drums. Besides excellent performance, the brake drums now offer a longlasting, attractive appearance.

Better looking. Perfect function.

  • No rust formation
  • Significant improvement in appearance
  • Corrosion protection during storage and installation
  • Ready to mount: the coating in the hub is as thin as possible
  • Immediate and full functionality 

Attractive brake parts are now more important than ever.

  • Even small cars show their brake drums through nice alloy rims
  • Rusty drums mar the overall appearance of every well-maintained small car
  • Coated Brake Drums from Zimmermann: Perfect in every detail!
    Always looks better: even at second glance. 

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