VLN Second Run - 2019

Schneechaos am Nürburgring

After just 15 minutes, in the second lap the second run in the season 2019 had to be finished.

The race management waited untill 1.45p.m if they could restart the race. From the section Fuchsröhre to Bergwerk snow was still on the side strip and further snowfall was announced for 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Safety precedes and so the race was not started again.

The Zimmermann Porsche started in class V6. The weather conditions were very difficult - the temperatures were around zero degress C, which meant the tires were barely getting warm - the trio Wolfgang Weber / Alex Fielenbach / Roberto Falcon took the Zimmermann car to second in class V6. The trio missed the pole position with a bit of bad luck because at the end of the training numerous code 60 zones were set up around the track.

Head of the team Matthias Holle: "A good performance of the team. In the race, the Zimmermann Porsche was already in first place after just one lap and would certainly have fought for the class victory."