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Авария остановила Zimmermann-Porsche на 24-часовой гонке 2019 года.

A strong performance until the sixth hour!

Mathol Racing's Zimmermann Porsche Cayman S showed a strong performance at the 47th ADAC 24h race at the Nürburgring. The car leaded the class clearly and in the overall ranking on the way to the top 50, but the V6 car crashed after six hours. Head of the team Matthias Holle: "The Zimmermann Cayman was on the way to class victory and a top ranking in the overall standings. Then unfortunately the accident has destroyed all hopes. "

The Zimmermann Porsche Cayman S started as usual in the class of production cars V6. This time the trio of Wolfgang Weber / Daniel Schwerfeld / Roberto Falcon changed on the driver´s seat. The driver team and the car were already in top form during training. With a lap time of 9.44,931 minutes, the Zimmermann Cayman finished on the third rank after the qualifying. Team boss Matthias Holle: "The time was alright. but we clearly improved the lap times during the race."

In the race, the Zimmermann car took the lead in the class shortly after the start and expanded the lead up to the sixth hour. But sometimes it is luck that decides on success or failure in a 24h race. Due to an ambiguous situation on the "Döttinger Höhe" the Zimmermann Cayman was involved in a heavy crash and retired from the race. Team boss Matthias Holle: "Luckily, no more happened. Roberto Falcon was able to leave the hospital after just one night. Nevertheless, it was a pity, because we were on the way to a sovereign class victory in the 24h race. "