VLN Run 09-2019 Two class victories in the VLN season finale

The two Zimmermann-Porsche Cayman were extremely successful in the VLN season finale. The two cars used by Mathol Racing won in their classes, and were also successful within the rating of the production cars (close-to-standard vehicles). Team principal Mattias Holle: "We are very satisfied. A great end of the season."

Golden autumn weather gave the approximately 170 starters almost ideal conditions in the Eifel at the last race of the year. Only at the beginning of the training in the morning the track was still wet .

This time Wolfgang Weber and Alex Fielenbach drove the Zimmermann-Porsche Cayman S in the class V6. In time training, the duo placed the Zimmermann-Cayman in third position in the class. In the race, Weber/Fielenbach quickly took the lead and defended the position to the finish. In addition, the Zimmermann duo achieved the fastest lap of the race and won the standings in the near-production vehicles. Team leader Holle: "This was the second success in a row. A great success for our approved Zimmermann-Cayman."

The new Zimmermann-Porsche Cayman from the VT3 class passed another performance check in the race. Behind the wheel, the fast Frenchman Dorian Boccolacci and the experienced American GT4 driver Cameron Evans alternated. After the duo had placed the Cayman in the pole position of the class in training, the Zimmermann car also performed in the race and won its first class victory in the VLN. In addition, the duo was also able to drive the fastest lap of the class. Team leader Holle: "Although the stakes were still a test, we are delighted with the first victory. A flawless race with absolutely top lap times."