VLN 07-2019: Class victories just missed

For the first time ever: Two Zimmermann Cayman in a VLN race

As usual, the Zimmermann Porsche Cayman S (start number 435) drove in the V6 class, while the new Zimmermann Cayman S 718 (start number 474) made its debut in the VT3 class. Both Porsche cars narrowly missed class victory. Team boss Mattias Holle: "In the end, only one second was missing in the V6 class. The new Zimmermann car crossed the finish line without any problems during the first race.“

The Zimmermann Cayman in the V6 class was driven by Wolfgang Weber/Alex Fielenbach/Marcos Adolfo Vazquez. After a rainy qualifying the trio stood on the best starting place in the class. In the race the rain was constantly changing the conditions. Only towards the end of the race it stopped raining and the track dried up.

First the Zimmermann Cayman dictated the pace in the class. The team only lost ist leading position due to wrong tires. Final driver Vazquez brought the Zimmermann car back to the class lead after a brilliant race, but the final overtaking manoeuvre on the last lap was not enough. Team boss Holle: "For a risk-free overtaking manoeuvre you need two drivers who respect each other. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The much faster Zimmermann Cayman was obstructed several times and should have taken far too great a risk when overtaking."

The new Cayman in the VT3 class was driven by Zimmermann regular driver Roberto Falcon and Sebastian Schäfer. Team boss Holle: "It was just a test run.  The fact that the car was on the road for four hours without any problems and was already able to present appealing lap times in the first race is very pleasing. In the end, the Cayman crossed the finish line in second place.“