Brake Caliper

The manufacture and delivery of high-quality replacement brake components is the declared philosophy of Zimmermann. Zimmermann is now going one step further, and is extending the product range. 

A new product line is being added to the Zimmermann quality brand: the remanufactured brake caliper. 

Zimmermann takes old brake calipers back, and makes remanufactured brake calipers available. With this supplementary service, Zimmermann offers wholesalers as well as workshops a full product range. A full range of brake components from a single source! 

As is also the case with brake discs and brake pads, we aim to offer high-quality products to ensure that brakes work properly and reliably for a long time. Brake calipers are remanufactured in accordance with strict criteria. High quality standards are applied to the remanufacturing.

Your benefits: 

  • wide range of brake calipers for many current vehicles
  • sustainability through the reuse of cast and aluminum components
  • all safety-relevant wearing parts, such as rubber components and springs, are replaced by new parts
  • excellent value for money
  • simple deposit settlement procedure
  • quality standards consistent with new components
  • high availability


All wearing parts are replaced by new parts.
Cast and aluminium components are reprocessed.

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