VLN 2017: Fourth Run

 Third win for Zimmermann-Cayman

Claudius Karch and Hendrik Still, the drivers of the Zimmermann-Cayman started into the fourth run of the VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft in perfect weather conditions and in a starting field of 147 cars. The prospects of the following run could hardly be more favourable after this brilliant opening. All in all the team, supported by Mathol Racing, already registered two victories and one second place, therefore they were keen for the following 4 hour race.

Unfortunately the joyful anticipation didn’t maintain for very long. Immediately after the start into the race, the regular driver Karch noticed the suboptimal setup: “On Friday I was very happy with the car, but it has changed into a negative way.” After the run he characterizes the handling as nervous and moody, in sum difficult to handle. Therefore he didn’t blame the crew of Mathol Racing: “We do our final adjustments together, but in the end we drivers have the last say in these matters.”

Finally the win was determined by competitors, who didn’t perform that well. The nearest rival withdrew the race due to an engine failure. “We prefer to win in a duel, but to finish first, you first have to finish.”

Finally the team of the Zimmermann-Cayman learned a lesson out of the race. “Now we know what we need to avoid for the next runs” –these were Karch’s words on the winning podium.