Review 2016: Successful year in VLN

Review of the successful VLN-season with Zimmermann brakes

Claudius Karch is absolutely happy. The racer was able to gain position 3 in the overall ranking of the championship with 8 winnings in his class. “It was a fantastic and successful year. “Without my teammate Ivan Jacoma it would have been impossible.”,  said Karch at the presentation ceremony. Both drive the Zimmermann-Porsche from Mathol Racing in the VLN at the Nürburgring.

Since 2 years Karch and Jacoma are a great team in VLN. Their car is a close-to-production Porsche Cayman S in class V6. This series is one of the biggest worldwide with about 160 cars. To guarantee equal opportunities an ingenious classification system has been established that classifies the cars into performance classes. The more competitors are in one class the more points you can earn for the championship. In the end 8 of 10 runs are  evaluated, so you could have 2 flops, which don’t count. “This year we collected exact this 8 class winnings with the Zimmermann Porsche”, said Karch gladly.

Nevertheless they didn’t make it to the overall victory. In another class were more cars and another team dominated this class, too.  “We tried our best to get a high rating but we can not influence what happens in other classes”, explains Karch, who is truly happy about the final results. By the way the Zimmermann-Porsche won the evaluation of close-to-production cars.

This success is a great confirmation for the engagement in motorsports of the brake manufacturer from Sinsheim. The Zimmermann-Porsche of course uses Zimmermann brake parts, herewith Zimmermann takes part in these great results.

The drivers were excited about the new Z-disc, which Zimmermann has registered as a patented design in 2016. The new Z-disc brakes perfectly, even under wet conditions, because the grooves derives the water from the disc.

In the next few weeks Mathol Racing and Zimmermann will debate, how to continue in the next season. Zimmermann already decided to remain their engagement in motorsports. Next year the new disc is going to get an upgrade into a compound light weight disc. Brake pads are also included in the list of the development department for the next season in VLN. “The experience in motorsports helps us a lot to develop our products”, was Zimmermanns statement regarding to the VLN-engagement.